About EAD Pumps

Diaphragm vacuum and pressure pumps.

As a top manufacturer in the diaphragm pump’s business, Electro A.D. provides an undoubted quality awarded with more than 35 years of experience that we put in practice every day to offer the most efficient, safety and reliable products for our customers.

Electro A.D. is a family business which values have been transmitted to the team through the years and continue to be. Values of collaboration and development with clients, suppliers, social and public entities. We are also proud to provide our finest and nearest personal treatment.

These ideas along with the product, brought EAD to the top as the first Spanish company in its sector.

General Brochure

Creative collaboration for your entire team.

Electro AD is proud to announce that we already have a corporate video in order to show all of you our business, our way to work diaphragm pumps, our values and objectives. We hope you enyoy it!

For the whole team of Electro AD, diaphragm vacuum pumps are not only a product and the factory is not only a place where we just develop our job. Electro AD is a way of understanding live throughout continuous improvement and detailed work. All our team is focused in quality standards without forgetting about personal development and environment. Our final goal is to produce high quality products with personally realised workers and having an inherent respect to our environment. Will you join us in this journey to the future?

At Electro AD, all our team is developing new products and improving existing ones all along with the help and continuous feedback of the market and our own clients. All this information well managed, allow us to have a continuous improve and a consistent amount of information helping us to adapt and develop specific products and systems designed with all the knowledge acquired during decades.


Why we are different?

EAD Brochure
Speed of deliveries

In Electro A.D. we perceive the importance of speedy deliveries. For this reason one of our basics is to deliver orders always on time and adapting as much as possible to the customer’s demands.

Customized Products

For us in Electro A.D. the product is as important as our client. For this reason, our experienced staff is always available and ready to offer joint solutions with the highest level of technology.


Since January 2007 Electro A.D. is worthy of ISO-9001 certificated for its quality management and also has a wide range of products CSA certified.

Quality is in our ADN


We perceive the damaging effects that the industry is causing to the environment. For this our products and our processes look to decrease all the environmental pollution and other negative effects.