A dream come true

Hard work has its due


Electro A.D. is a family project started in 1976 as a result of the vision of Antonio Donado and Petra Muñoz. Later in 1986 EAD established itself as a limited company and began its internationalization. By 1990 EAD had already achieved an important participation in the Italian market.

Our pump’s heads incorporated a system that keeps shutters well fixed and also allows our product to have one of the highest specifications in the sector worldwide. This improvement among others eliminated many of the problems encountered by producers when the pumps were used in extreme conditions of vacuum, pressure or steam, as well as resulted in a much longer lifetime than other vacuum pumps’ manufacturers.

Back in 1993 and thanks to the success and acceptance of its products, EAD began negotiations with several companies to start the distribution of its pumps in France, Germany and Holland. All of these agreements let us achieve important market shares thanks to the price, quality of products and a unique treatment and collaboration between supplier and clients.


In 1996 EAD began manufacturing the HX10P3 family using plastic materials which allowed a reduction in weight and dimensions of the pumps, once again transforming the diaphragm vacuum market. This model, initially designed for a top worldwide producer of dental devices soon became one of the most requested pumps by our clients.


Already in 1998 Franc, Oscar, Alex and Antonio (the founder’s sons) started to manage production and sales areas, and went on to create a technical area focused on the development and improvement of products.

As a result of the new ideas coming from these young minds, the development of the new designs started to play an important role. Later in year 2000 this technical area became the R+D+I Department which develops its way of work based on continuous feedback, encouraging the participation of employees, customers and suppliers. Electro A.D. developers began to improve existing products and increase our pump’s portfolio.


EAD is proud to announce that its factories are moved to a new and bigger building. With more than 1500 m2 of space for our offices and production lines. This new factory will allow our team to work faster and better achieving new services and sales conditions improved aiming always to the success of our clients that is finally our success.


Year 2004 was a key year for the developing team as the company was already established with an export share that reached around 80% of its turnover. At this growing point designers initiated the patent of a new system which was set to allow automatic parallel and serial connections of heads with just one inlet and one outlet, avoiding annoying external unions. This development is called the EVO System.

The new system started from the standard HX10P3 model and the experience acquired with time and important feedback. EVO pumps then went to fully satisfy the guidelines which EAD had set out for its developments. Offering a compact lightweight product with high standards of durability and efficiency, 100% recyclable and above all an state-of-the-art product nice to look at.


During this year we began to participate in Medica and CompaMed. The worldwide known fair of medical equipment and components held in Düsseldorf each year. Step by step our invest in growing and achieving new goals, clients and markets has taken us to this fair.

This new advertise space has help us to get more business during years, considering that some of them are in the opposite place of the globe. But not only getting new business is our main idea, we are getting profit of this event also to visit and receive our traditional client. This way we can have a meeting personally for the evaluation of the business and new possible developments.


Our company has been growing in the lasts years all along with our clients. This has made us to improve our products, service, quality, lunch of new pumps, increasing production capabilities, increasing manufacture space and machines…. And now is the moment to make another step in the improve of the service that we want to deliver to clients trying to be as close as them as possible. During this year, we begin to introduce our new office in Italy.

This office will be managed with the same principles and ideas that we have been applying to our jobs up to now. This office will be in charge of giving even a faster service in the Italian and European countries. With the same managing principles than the manufacturing company and the best technical knowledge we will be giving a professional and high experienced service. New people will join us in this new journer, will you be one of them? You will be knowing more about our Italian office in the following weeks.


After several years of getting knowledge and expertise in pumps and the market. Petra’s and Antonio’s sons began to manage the company. In this new way that we begin we do not want to forget or loose some of the characteristics that the founders injected to the company. These are the direct and specific treat to each client adapting to them in the highly possible way. Your satisfaction is our success and this will be kept as our main objective, trying always to be something more than a supplier or a traditional company.


Our continuous work and invest in the company had allow us to buy and rebuild a new building placed at 100 meters from our actual factory. This new facility will increase our working space and warehouse capabilities. With a place over 5000 m2 and more than 2000 m2 build, we will be able to work faster and better with the final purpose always to improve the final service and conditions to our clients. Thank you to all of you for helping us to keep the continuous way of improve all along with you. If you wish any time to visit us, you will be more than welcomed.


Nowadays Electro A.D. products are an important referent in the world of diaphragm pumps but we’re still not satisfied. Electro A.D. has set itself a new challenge; we want to become your reliable and trusty diaphragm vacuum pumps supplier for any need you may have.

Will you join us into the future?