During this difficult time we are suffering, we want to give our support to all of you suffering the effects of the Covid-19. Some have been affected directly by the coronavirus and others have suffered the collateral damage created by the changes in our lives. To all of them we give our best wishes and support to go through these difficult moments.

At Electro AD we are following all the safety instructions and measures needed to keep all agreements already made with our clients, customers and employees. We have done all in our hands to avoid reducing schedule to our workers and consequently their incomings that are now more needed than ever before.

Together we agreed to shift into three different labour schedules per day to reduce the number of employees working at the same time on the factory and we also provided all of our staff with the required hand sanitizers, gloves and different types of protective masks. We also added control sheets to daily monitor symptoms of early infection and provided Covid-19 related information on different parts of the factory.

So far we are grateful to say we haven’t had any infected or symptomatic person in our organization but we remain on alert to act quickly if necessary. Our team is directly involved in winning this invisible war that is in our hands and companies have a lot of helping to do, not only through our internal safety measures but also through our work.

Our pumps are helping along different medical devices in the prevention and reduction of the damage that this virus is creating in our society at all levels. We are proud of all of our customers from fields like sterilization, analysis devices, cleaning instruments, oxygen treatment and of course also those outside of the medical side because they are also trying hard to keep their business going and keep their people employed.

All of us must be confident and focused on this global goal of winning the coronavirus and we let you know that Electro AD and all its staff is doing its best at a personal and professional level to improve lives and pass through this nightmare as soon as possible.

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