When the reliability is not an option.


Quality trusted during decades.

Our model HX10P3 has on its back more than two decades of improves and development. All our team knowledge is applied in its assembly process and development. Being one of our medium size models, its specifications all along with its size, weight and performance, makes this model to be a top sales pump. Being suitable for a wide range of applications, one of its best uses relates to sterilization cycles. Many of the world main manufacturers are using our products during years, aren’t you still one of them? Flow over 25 LPM or vacuum beyond 700 mm Hg are only some of the specs achievable by this model. Do not believe us… Just test us and realise our words.

When the reliability is not an option.

During its production cycle, our pieces are checked and tested making sure they will match perfectly with the work they will need to handle once they are part of the final product. Continuous controls in the factory and skilled workers allow all the assembly process to be a smooth chain where each step is carefully developed looking always for the highest quality at any level. Even visual inspections are done to be sure that each pump assembled in our factory is aligned with the highest quality rules that mark the day of the whole company.


Success is HX10P3. Do not gamble, play sure.

Specific processes are made in our own factories to be sure of having the specific material needed for our pieces and being able of producing each amount that our production lines may require when they require. For example, plastics and rubbers are some of our critical parts considering their importance in the technical specifications of the final product.

That is why we are having at the moment three plastic injection machines and two more for rubber injection on our facilities working for and by us only, just to keep this production process and quality that we want to give to our clients.

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