Quality means doing the right thing when no one is looking

Henry Ford

Unleash creativity with thepowerful tools of quality

Electro A.D. submits its products to the strictest tests guaranteeing a product of great quality and durability in the worst working conditions.


Rubber and plastic testing machine

Electro AD is proud to produce itself a big percentage of the complete pumps. This means that from the assembly of the electrical motors to the injection or machining of pieces, all the possible processes are done on our own in our facilities. With this idea we already have 3 plastic injection machines and 2 rubber injection machines so the following step is to evaluate and test the quality of the injected pieces. For this direct purpose we have introduced in our production, a traction and compression testing machine from Instron. Nowadays we are able to have a complete control and history of the results of each piece related with each lot of injection. We are able also through this testing to confirm that we are having all the pieces inside the correct values of strength, hardness, elongation, stretching…

High-Precision Digital Micrometer

The LS-7000 Series is a high-speed, high-accuracy digital micrometer used for the dimensional measurement of objects without coming into contact with the objects. It is such a versatile model that it has a wide range of applications including in-line measurement and offline measurement.

High-Precision Digital Caliper

In 1981, Sylvac launched the first caliper with digital read-out on the market. Quickly, other models followed and the market of these handtools took an incredible rise.
Today, Sylvac remains a leader in this market and offers a range of calipers with digital read-out of a measurement capacity from 150 to 3000 mm

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